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EP 016 aired on September 8th, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were Small Town Pistols, PS I Love You, Kris + Dee, Bruce Cockburn, Anna Marie, Trained by Aliens, KTI, Buffalo Tree, Sleuth Bears, Listen Up Kid, Chantel Johnston, Tony True and FM.

Small Town Pistols duo of Amanda and Tyler Wilkinson caught the entertaining bug very early on. So much so that with their father, Steve, the Trenton trio of The Wilkinsons rose to national fame in the late 1990s on the country music scene. Once the trio's success had subsided, Amanda and Tyler took the duo route, releasing their self titled album in 2012, to great response. We kicked off EP 016 with their single 'Colour Blind' from that album. One listen and their passion for music is quite easy to hear, and we're glad for it.
MEMBERS: Amanda Wilkinson, Tyler Wilkinson

Next track on this show: the Limestone City duo PS I Love You keep carving out a bigger and bigger name for themselves. Their anthemic rock sounds are well represented in the track 'Sentimental Dishes', which was released on their 'Death Dreams' in 2012. If these 2 continue on like this, their should be no stopping them.
MEMBERS: Paul Saulnier, Benjamin Nelson

Kris + Dee, also from Kingston, are rightly described as a superfolk duo. Putting out their first 3 albums in five years (evidenced by the track 'Making Ends Meet' from their 2013 album 'Bloom'), Kris and Dee have received various accolades and support across the country. Intelligent writing combined with conviction-filled performances and indie hearts, they set a high standard for other acts to follow. Any way you look at it, here's two gems shining brighter together.
MEMBERS: Kris Abbott, Dee McNeil

Our first of two regional gimmies this episode is from the inimitable Bruce Cockburn. 'Wondering Where the Lions Are' from his 1979 album 'Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws' was another single which continued gaining him both more and more popularity and deep artistic respect. Bruce's impact on the Canadian music scene can not be overstated, and, understandably, around the world. Should there ever be a recognized genre of music dubbed 'Canadiana', Mr. Cockburn would invariably be the father of it.

From rural central Ontario, up around Marmora, Anna Marie was signed to BelAir Records (home of Eddie Eastman, Danny Thompson, Cyril Way) for 1 single. It received moderate attention across the country upon it's release in the mid 80s. On this EP 016 we played the B-side of this rare single, her original tune 'Someone New'. Her soulful, original vocals spiced up the show - as we knew it would.

The 2013 power pop track 'Secrets' by Kingston's Trained by Aliens was up next on this show. It shows off everything we like about the band... catchy, energetic, original. We'll have to revel in what works they left behind, however. The band folded in late 2015. Still, what a sound. Wish every act had that kind of training.
MEMBERS: Wryan Doyle, Hugh Bakhurst, Lucas Rychlo, Ryan Mahon

KTI is an acronym for the Picton region's Kiss The Irish. A duo with raw, original & impressive talents (as the track 'Driving Down Roads' from their 1998 album 'Back to Bed' displays), the seems to be few limits to their musical boundaries. Highly recommended - check them out.
MEMBERS: Katalin Kiss, John McKinney

Kingston's alt rock band Buffalo Tree is another great discovery of ours while putting together EOP shows. We'd gladly add the descriptors 'rootsy', 'jam band' & others if we're ever asked to slap some promo together for them. From 2013, their single 'Bringing Me Down' is one of the more memorable tunes we've ever played. Fingers are crossed here that we get more B.T. down the road.
MEMBERS: Shayne Godin, Van Sheen, Matt Hewson, Dylan Carquez

From buffaloes to Sleuth Bears. Not intended, but, hey. 'I Was a Sound' was up next on EP 016, a syncopated, 3/4 time power-popish, VERY original tune. From their 2011 album 'Parochial Youth', this is just a hint of the albums that came after. Get'em. Your music appreciating ears need these kinds of tracks.
MEMBERS: Neven Lockhead, Annie Dunsford, Kenneth Hall, Liam Cole, Gareth Savage

Listen Up Kid is another K-town band making headway in the larger scheme of the music industry. Alt-power-rock in it's best form, the track 'Standby' from their 2014 album The Process Of Progress and The Possible Side Effects is a great intro to their output. Keep your eyes on these guys.
MEMBERS: Dennis Clark, Aaron Lavagueur, Charlie Thomas, Will Culleton, Jeremy Head

Chantel Johnston - originally from Picton, it seems, though that's just an assumption. THIS lady is hard to find out more about. Oh well... her great 2012 pop track 'So Simple' sticks in our heads. Visit that link above for more music from her. And let us know if you discover more!

Ottawa Valley's Tony True is a long-respected country act in the region. From his debut album in 1996, 'What the World Doesn't Know', thru to all his more recent recordings, one listen & any country listener would become a fan... if they weren't one already. Inspired by the world's loss of comedian Robin Williams, Tony shares his thoughts with us about depression & it's effects with his single 'This Face', from 2014. Thoughtful, moving music - something we can all appreciate.

Closing off EOP this time around was our second gimmie track - the ground-breaking Toronto band FM's 'Phasors on Stun'. Combining synths & art/symphonic rock in such an impressive way, much of their music stands the test of time very well. 'Phasors' was a very popular album track on FM (no joke) radio, spun off their 1977 album 'Black Noise'. The mark they've left on the Canadian music scene is practically imessurable. There. Done with that rambling.
MEMBERS: Cameron Hawkins, Nash the Slash, Martin Deller, Ben Mink, Simon Brierley, Greg Critchley, Randy Cooke, Martin Shaw, Paul Marangoni, Claudio Vena, Paul DeLong, Ed Bernard, Ivana Popovic, Aaron Solomon

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