EP 015 aired on September 1st, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were The Wise Guys, Northern Voodoo, Missionary Kid, Hadrian's Wall, Not Withstanding AE, Sarah Baetz, Grass Creek, Carpenteers, Bob Leonard, Organized Rhyme, Dympna McConnell, Fairview, Dana Johnson, Liona Boyd and Far From Venus.

The Wise Guys hit their stride at just the right time... during the early 1980s resurgence of rockabilly's popularity. This Kingston band took the indie route by self-issuing the 45 'She's a Dish' in 1983, quickly marking their rock roots territory. A rare regional 80s release (too much alliteration?) - fitting EOP's mandate perfectly.
MEMBERS: Tony Kenny, Gary Bews, Don Larson, Joe Brady and Joe Myke

Trenton's Northern Voodoo describe their sound as contemporary blues... but they're much more. 'Voodoo Moon', their tune included in this show for example, is swampy and moody and jam and... captures everything we love about their debut 2014 CD. Without a doubt, the Voodoos stand out... WAY out of the crowd.
MEMBERS: Rett Wills, Mike Acerra and Gene Latimer

We found very little online about Belleville's Missionary Kid, other than their 2014 EP 'Basement Famous', from which we heard 'Tash'. It was an easy decision to add it to EOP, as you may have guessed. 'Tash' is a nice breath of fresh air - raw, straight-up and fun.
MEMBERS: Nataly Wiarda, Melanie Wiarda, Caleb Murray and Ryan Zaback

Hadrian's Wall hail's out of Vankleek Hill, and has seen their Celtic talents take them worldwide to very appreciative audiences since their formation in 1995. Our first exposure to them was finding the 1998 V/A CD 'Longshot Live: Songs From the Limestone City', and getting all jollied up by their track 'The Jolly Piper'. In fine form, 'Piper' is just the tip of the H.W. talent 'berg.
MEMBERS: Terry O'Farrell, Neil Emberg, Richard Irwin and Jay Weiler

Christian Straight-Edge Hardcore - that's one of the phrases Notwithstanding A.E. used to describe their VERY unique sound and message, though I believe 'Christian gutter-punk' was also bandied about. Off their 2001 demo EP, 'The Trials That Come', we played 'Fight the Good Fight' to help drill their message home... from their homes around Marmora. Once again, EOP showed some pride by including such mind-opening music as this track. And rightly so.
MEMBERS: Mat Coker, Patt McTaggart, Shawn Redding, Mike Rose and Troy Thompson

Another Limestone City talent we uncovered online was Sarah Baetz. Her smooth, warm vocals fit perfectly with the original tunes we found, of which we chose to play 'Hush' from her 2010 self-titled album 'Sarah Baetz'. A rare, wonderful combination of singer-songwriter and jazz, if any description helps. Highly recommended that you listen to more of Sarah.

Bluegrass, as mentioned in previous posts, is quite hard to find in the region. From 1984, we played Grass Creek's version of 'Blue Love', from their 'Grass Creek' cassette. Members Bill Johnston and Shawn Kellett continued on for many years in various musical capacities - for example, Bill is featured on the album 'A Country Christmas: Volume I' (from which we played his track 'The Christmas Song' in our Dec 2014 special Christmas episode), and Shawn was in Printer's Alley and is currently in 'Hard Ryde'. And Grass Creek was much the better for each.
MEMBERS: Buddy Clark, Bill Johnston, Peter Evans, Shawn Kellett and M. W. White

The Carpenteers have a split background between Belleville and Hamilton. Their Quinte connection alone wasn't the reason we included them in EP 015 - listen to 'Minute Song' from 2014's 'Disposable' album. EOP needs a shakeup once in a while. TY Carpenteers!
MEMBERS: Chad Chartrand, Benjamin Bush and Nigel Stewart

An EOP exclusive... as it were: Bob Leonard sent us his track 'Misery' in 2014 for airplay consideration. You may not find this track anywhere else, and we thought that's a shame. So we found a spot for it. A mix of country and singer-songwriter stuff, 'Misery' should have listeners looking for more Bob.

Representing both Ottawa and old-school hip-hop, Organized Rhyme received some serious national airplay back in 1992 with 'Check the O.R.' (from their debut album 'Huh? Stiffenin Against the Wall'). Serious Canadian trivia buffs already know shocko-comedian Tom Green was in the O.R. This track, and, indeed this whole album would never have been the same without Tom. For better or worse? Leavin' DAT up to YOU!!!
MEMBERS: MC Bones [aka Tom Green], Pin the Chameleon [aka Greg Campbell] and DJ Signal [aka Geordie Ferguson]

Dympna McConnell, from the Kingston area, is a name deserved of more attention. Making rare appearances, you're likely to hear her sooner than see her. And we helped out with that conundrum - from a 1992 V/A CD called 'Foundation of Rock 1992', we played her track 'The Edge'. Sister of The Mahone's frontman Finny McConnell, you can hear all forms of influences in that song from Dympna. Here's hoping we'll get more out of her someday.

Brockville's Fairview may have split up in July 2013, but the title track off their 'Lost in Translation' EP (released in 2011) may alone confirm these guys were a highlight on the regional scene. Strong energy and catchy originality... Fairview had it. EOP may have just missed seeing them, but we don't regret listening to them.
MEMBERS: Jordan Smith, Steve Kiefer, Brendan Kennedy and Mike Couture

Cobourg's Dana Johnson was the first far-west-in-eastern-Ontario artists on EP015 (the next was... well, the next artist... kinda...). From her country album 'Grounded', we played the title track. Released in 2008, it got national exposure on country radio, and stands up very well to many other country releases of the time. Dana's strong vocals and writing skills will make you agree - it still does.

Liona Boyd... a name heard around the world. Our 'gimmie' this show, Liona was selected not only for her amazing classical guitar talents, but also because of her strong love of Canada, the arts, creativity (as of the mid-2010s, she's finally added singing to her public performing and recording skills), longevity... you name it. It was VERY hard to chose from her vast repertoire. We finally went back to her debut LP, 'The Guitar', released in 1974, and randomly selected 'Sounds of Bells'. Two points of curiousity: Liona's first few albums were released on Stompin' Tom Connors' own record label, Boot Records, and 'The Guitar' LP has yet to be re-released.

Far From Venus was another pop-rock act from Kingston which we could have caught in performance. They, too, folded in 2013. Kinda fitting, then, that we rounded out this episode with their song 'When We Were Young', off their self-titled 2012 EP 'Far From Venus'. Tip of the hat to you, guys. Good stuff.
MEMBERS: Jamie Vinkle, Kyle Cochrane and Rob Vinkle

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