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EP 014 aired on August 25th, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were Singing Post Family, The Pariahs, Joslin & Fry, Octavian, Statue in Ashes, Saucepan Heroes, Marm Men, Beached Out, Gregory Forbes, Aiden McGill, Maureen Leeson, Percy Nils Adler, Wade Mosher, L.W. Simms and Rush. Special guest on the show was Richard Leeson - a relation best heard to be understood.

Few acts from the region had the longevity or local impact in their field than The Singing Post Family. Formed, as it were, in 1967 from their home in Carrying Place, the band released 7 albums in as many years, touring extensively, and were nominated for many awards. We thought it fitting, therfore, to include in this episode the title track from their 1972 album 'My Prince Edward County Home', sung by brother Ken. Classic country at it's finest. BTW: in Ep 006 were played 'Mockingbird Hill' by the duo of Norm and Joanne.
MEMBERS: Norm Post, Kenny Post, Joanne Post, Debbie Post and Harold Errington

Kingston's The Pariahs first got together in 1989, then moved on to Toronto a few years later. Prior to their relocation, they managed to get a track on the V/A CD 'Foundation of Rock 1992'. Pop-pun-kish in style and full of originality, that tune, 'In Time', is a highlight of that album. We just couldn't turn that one down for EOP. Now we just have to get their subsequent 4 other releases. Any suggestions as to which we should go for first?
MEMBERS: Mike Farrell, Ian "Loaf" Woodward, Dwayne Willoughby, Bonz, Scott Megginson, John Bowen and Sean Beresford

Joslin & Fry, aka Bill Joslin and Georgette Fry, probably put their first LP together (1984's 'Late Datin'') to reach the lounge crowd. Regardless, if they hadn't jumped into the indie release scene we wouldn't be free to enjoy the simple pleasures of such an album, let alone the title track 'Late Datin'', spun next in Ep 014. Highly recommended for those celibrating guilty pleasure... any part of that album, in fact.
MEMBERS: Bill Joslin and Georgette Fry

The 7 members (confirming the not-so-obvious...) of Ottawa's Octavian had the pleasure of being signed to none other than MCA Records. Big band, big label. Vocal heavy pop-rock - their hit 'Good Feeling (To Know)' saw top-10 activity in late 1974. It was the the lead single from their 'Simple Kinda People' album released the following year. After many tours, some other minor hits of that LP ('Round and Round', 'Hold Me Touch Me'), and tumultuous member changes, they split up in 1979. Years later, vocalist John Pulkkinen renamed himself John Alexander, was hired by MCA Records himself, then managed to sign none other than Alanis Morissette to the label. Round and round, indeed.
MEMBERS: Darryl Alguire, John Pulkkinen, Warren Barbour, Kirk Dorrow, Bill Gauvreau, Ray Lessard, Rob McDonald, Bob Deeks, Michael Hicks and John Livingston

Statue in Ashes were next on Ep 014, with their tune 'Blurry'. Another Kingston act, their mix of thrashy edge and strong melody stand out from the crowd. You can find that track on their 2013 EP 'Endure'. We're not sure if the band is still going, but here's hoping that they are.
MEMBERS: Drew Slykhuis, Matt Woodman, John Argyropoulos, Logan Brown and Matt Howells

"Socks are very frequently rocked off." Saucepan Heroes' newest byline is not exactly what we'd use to describe their track 'Falling Into June'. But we'll take one on the chin for this: the moody mid-tempo version played this show is a live one, from the CD '3 by 6 From Kingston', out in 2001. The band released their debut CD 'Two Day Visit' in 2003 (we think...) and it seems the same song is on that album, however - IS it the same one? Dunno. Have to check it out.
MEMBERS: AJ Cox, Justin Dubé, Casey Shea, Milosz Sikora, Brendan Soares and James Young

One of EOP's curious finds was Marm Men, hailing from Marmora, ONT. The duo of Kyle's have a straight forward folk/country/pop approach to their tunes, with the track 'Now You Do' standing out as a fun take on relationships. The World Wide Interweb is a great source for discovering new music, to be sure, and Marm Men shows you why.
MEMBERS: Kyle Mitchell and Kyle O'Rourke

Beached Out, the husband-wife duo originating from Kingston, jumped on the drums-guitar band format and ran with it in their inimitable way. As best we could uncover, their first recordings, including this show's next tune 'Tiny War', were released on 2013's split artist 7 inch EP 'You're Getting Close'. The resurgence of vinyl suits the duo very well - cool artsy garage pop belongs on that format. We'd love to hear more from both.
MEMBERS: Anne Parker and Jeffrey Parker

Another Limestone City area artist was up next - Gregory Forbes this time. In 1983, Mr. Forbes created a series of workshops for Frontenac County's secondary school children to study the poetry of William Blake, including the accompanying album 'William Blake's Songs of Innocence & of Experience'. A challenging project, indeed, and deftly accomplished by Forbes, keeping the words front and center by retaining simple arrangements with mostly acoustic instruments, all presented in a modern form of what songs from Blake's era may have sounded like. The entire album is worth a listen, even if poetry isn't your cup of tea. Take in the opening track, 'Introduction'. You'll be impressed yet again at the region's musical diversity.

Aiden McGill, from the Hastings ONT region, was kind enough to send us a track fro Ep 014, specifically 'Hailey'. A 2013 recording, Aiden's ear for great country writing is very evident. A singer, writer and producer, he's been churning out songs for years now, and they may be no stopping him. We're thankful for the tune and that we can help spread his talents around.

Maureen Leeson hailed orginally from Delta, northeast of Kingston, and has been making Toronto her home for many years. Steadily making inroads in the music industry finally paid off for her with the release of her 2002 debut CD 'AKA Moe'. Her tune 'Easy for You' added in this episode shows off her softer vocal abilities. Not to say we're trying to put too many Leesons in one show, but it may have been inevitable.

Wellington ONT was represented next by the inclusion of the instrumental 'Hope' by guitarist Percy Nils Adler. Found on his 2005 CD 'Dawn', Percy's talents would fit in anywhere, by almost any music lover. He's the kind of artist that makes us think we should be setting up an EOP store. There - we said it.

Speaking of guitarists - Wade Mosher is a name we're very happy to spread around. From the Durham area, Wade has been a consumate student of that instrument from an early age, and, we dare say, has few peers in this country. His passion for all things six-stringed shine through on his 2013 song 'Here We Are', a driving tune making pontificating life a fun filled 3 minutes and 36 seconds. We're such fans of Mr. Mosher, in fact, we just had to kick off our 2014 Christmas show with another track by him. But we won't spoil THAT surprise here.

L.W. Simms (aka Leonard Simms) calls Kingston home these days. Back in 1998, L.W. had his tune 'It's Over' included on the V/A CD 'Longshot Live: Songs From the Limestone City', so it may be safe to say he's from K-town. Regardless, the song was a fitting change of pace for that album and for this episode, with it's to-the-point message, done in an L.W. country frame of mind.

The big, obvious gimmie in Ep 014 closed off the show, namely Toronto's Rush. What else can be said about this seminal superstar trio? Well, probably more than we could ever put on one website. Let's just say their 'Far Cry' track from their 2007 album 'Snakes & Arrows' makes it clear why, 39 years in, the band deserves every accolade they receive. And more.
MEMBERS: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, John Rutsey, Jeff Jones and Neil Peart

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