EP 013 aired on August 11th, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were Ryan Malcolm, Branded, Tara Leavey, Jeanine Noyes, Lorne Buck and the Flatland Mountaineers, Jim Tidman, Patrick Kirkby, The Method, Terry Draper, Galleon, Reg Hill, Georgette Fry and Encrypt.

Ryan Malcolm began his love of writing and performing long before his 2003 Canadian Idol success. Born in Kingston and raised in Amherstview, Ryans first live performances were during his early teens, first with his father, John, then, with the inclusion of his brother Reagan, as the family trio 'A Bit of Nostalgia'. Ryan was still performing with his father and brother when he first auditioned for Idol. Because of that win, Ryan saw the release of this first album, 'Home', later in '03. We opened up Ep 013 with 'Star of All the Planets' off that album. By 2006, Ryan had moved onto forming the band Low Level Flight. We get the impression you haven't heard the last of him just yet.

Ottawa's Branded had it all together - in the family, too, being brothers Dean and Wayne Carle and nephew, Steven Carle. The country trio saw some success at the 1996 Canadian Country Music Awards, primarily because of tracks like 'HonkyTonkaholic', released in 1995. Line dancing and dance mixes met up in force with tracks like that. Anyone remember 'Slappin' Leather'? Maybe that track will bring it all back.
MEMBERS: Dean Carle, Steven Carle and Wayne Carle

Studio vocalist Tara Leavey (AKA Phyllis Leavey-Gimpel) joined up with Belleville writer/producer John Collins to release a few singles on John's B&C Records label in the early 80s. Soft AOR/pop became the result, as displayed in Tara's first single in 1982, 'From Now On'. Tara also had a release in 1988 on RCA Records, 'Where Do We Go From Here', produced by Pinnacle Studio's Ken Harnden. Either disc is a rarity these days, as are Tara's vocal talents. Dig up either issue of this Quinte West resident and you're likely a strong vinyl lover.

Jeanine Noyes is yet another fine Kingston-born talent. Having toured both Canada and in Europe, one could now rightly call her an international talent, too. Before her full-length solo releases, Jeanine had her track 'Lean Into You' added to the various artists CD 'Longshot Live: Songs From the Limestone City' in 1998. That's how we discovered her. We urge you to check out her website for more about her: photos, sound clips, CD orders, theatre work, etc.

Their are few acts like Lorne Buck and the Flatland Mountaineers when it comes to a Canadian spin on bluegrass music. An award winning group, their 2nd album 'Tired of Being Poor' was recorded at Northumberland Studios near Campbellford in the late 1980s. The next track on EOP, 'At Heaven's Door', showcases their mix of gospel with bluegrass, plus their great feel for the genre. A fine add-on to any show.
MEMBERS: Lorne Buck, Jerry MacMillan, Sid McClary and Frigo Zapletal

Kingston's Jim Tidman had to be coaxed into recording by his buddy Paul Langlois of the Tragically Hip. Finally giving in by 2008, Paul produced Jim's first album 'Stealing Ghosts', which was released the following year. 'Come Around' was our selection for Ep 012... and like many albums we reviewed the choice was a tough one. By all indications, selecting a track off his next release may prove to be just as challenging.

Patrick Kirkby was made known to us by singer/sonwriter Jeff Callery. Both from Gananoque, Patrick's folk/pop material is some of the strongest original output we've ever heard from regional artists. We kinda copped out yet again by adding the opening track, 'Sound of the Sun', off his 2014 album 'Dreamer' to this show. When it's hard to choose, play the first thing that pops up. Thanks go out to Mr. Callery for the introduction.

Alt acoustic rock is partially how The Method descibes their sound. The Kingston band formed in 2004 (and soon issued an EP), took a break in 2006, then regrouped a few years later. New recording sessions resulted in their self-titled album being released in 2014. From their 2004 EP we played 'Insecurity', as a taste of their earlier work. An example of the madness in their... method.
MEMBERS: Dave Hewitt, Adam Simkins, Adam Sweet, Brock Jamieson, Lane Guthrie and Gus Chiggins

Our non-regional pick this show was from Terry Draper - singer, writer, keyboardist, drummer, producer, studio owner... oh, and member of the classic Canadian band Klaatu. The hiatus from the biz that Terry took after Klaatu stopped performing in the mid 80s was not meant to last forever. By the 90s, he had his own studio churning out tracks of all kinds, except for his own official releases. 1997 was the year he broke that silence by releasing his first album 'Light Years Later'. Off his latest album, 2014's 'When the World Was Young', we spun the tune 'Pied Piper', which was also the first single off that disc. It was a severe pleasure to add it to Ep 013, and just as pleasurable to say 'Thank You, Terry!' for sending it to us.

Galleon helped us correct a big genre-ist error - that is, up 'til this episode we totally ignored BIG HAIR 80s HARD ROCK. Hence, Galleon to the rescue. The band took a while to get it's direction together. Formed in 1974 while most members were still in their mid-teens, the tidal wave of the 80s hard rock scene was meant to include these guys. It was not possible for us to find one of their indie singles, but low and behold, the 1985 V/A LP 'Moose Molten Metal Vol. 1' turned up, and there was the group's 'Wasting Time' track just waiting to be digitized. Dust off yer Spandex... bang yer head... turn it loud. You just got Galleonized.
MEMBERS: Fred Nesrallah, Rob Labarge, Mike Labarge, Dennis Girard, Rick Tremblay and Rick Vatour

Brockville native Reg Hill was a consummate performer on the fiddle. Along with his backup band, The Ottawa Valley Melodiers, Reg toured for many years, released quite a handful of albums, the majority of them on the long-standing Canadian country and folk label, Banff Records. An episode of EOP would not be complete without one of his tunes. From his '14 Great Fiddle Favourites' LP (released sometime around 1970) we included his version of 'Shamus O'Brien'. Few these days can swing that bow like Reg did.

Georgette Fry is no secret to blues fans. This Kingstonian's recording history, in fact, goes back to the early 80s, including an album with Bill Joslin (as Joslin & Fry to be precise). We found a rare CD by Ms. Fry titled 'Financial Visions Proudly Presents Georgette Fry', and from that included the song 'I Found You Out'. Dynamic and passionate - you simply cannot disagree.

The Marmora band Encrypt closed off Ep 013. A bit thrash, a bit screamo, and lotsa spunk, their track 'Dangerous' (released in 2013) kicks out the jams so well, nothing should follow it, the same reason lead singer Troy Thompson's tune 'Screaming Inside' closed off Ep 001. Loud and proud.
MEMBERS: Dillon Lake, Ryan Reid, Troy Thompson and Jordan Seaborn

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