EP 011 aired on July 28th, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were The Mahones, Mike Faires, Paul Langlois, Bernie Early, Alphonsus Patrick McCue, The Manhattan Project, Hard Ryde, Kevin Simpson, The Four Lads, Tracie Morgan, Hearts on Hiatus, Russ Burtch and Superhero Smith.

The Mahones - Irish punk like you've never heard before! Kingston's finest, I might add, since 1990, and showing absolutely no sign of slowing down. If their slightly folkier '100 Bucks' (off their 1996 album 'Rise Again') doesn't get you moving, then NOTHING will. A great way to open the show.
MEMBERS: Finny McConnell, Andrew Brown, Ger O'Sullivan, Joe Chithalen, Christos Smirnois, Mauro Sepe, Chris Ward, Owen Warnica, Kevan Williams, Dom "The Bomb" Whelan, Katie "KaBoom!" McConnell, Sean Winter, Nick O'Liver, Michael O'Grady, Paul "Cuzo" Mancuso and Eryk "Chainsaw" Chamberland

Originally from Belleville, now in T.O., Mike Faires has developed into a very original artist, one of the very few from the region. Easy on the ears - gentler melodies, straight up messages and stories, refreshing arrangements and productions. Was hard to choose what track to play, so we copped out by selecting 'Side by Side', the opening tune off his 'Wreckroom Diners' album, released in 2010. Best described as 'music for those who love to listen'. So, please do.

Paul Langlois, The Tragically Hip's own, has been a busy man away from the band. On top of being the main producer at The Hip's recording studio just outside Bath (rightly titled The Bathouse), Paul owns and operates a record label called Ching Music. Somehow he still manages to release his own material - from his 2011 CD 'Fix This Head' we played 'Broken Road' next on Ep 011 to give you a taste of what his non-Hip work is like. Thank Paul more than us.

Cornwall's Bernie Early was known mainly for his rockabilly singles, in the late 1950s and early 1960s. As change would have it, he took on a country style by the time he released his 1967 single 'Chaser for the Blues'. Any way you slice it, Bernie had flare. And that single was one of the earliest (no pun intended) releases on any EOP show. Proud to have added it.

'Father O'Flynn' by Alphonsus Patrick McCue continued the old-time-releases theme... at least for 2 songs in a row. Born in Beford ONT (later amalgamated into South Frontenac township), Mr. McCue released a few independant albums in the 60s and 70s - another rare regional artist to do so in those days. That track was off his 'Fonce McCue's Favorites', we believe was one of his 1960s albums. Known more for his church hymnals and recordings, his take on the Irish classic 'Father O'Flynn' provided Ep 011 with a great change of pace. And what a voice on him - that, too, was great!

The Manhattan Project, from Kingston, was another act we culled from the 2001 various artists CD '3 by 6 From Kingston'. The five piece was recorded live, as were all the acts on that disc, and their blues instrumental 'Maridonna' displays their love for that genre, the band being the fine form that they were. Hard to find blues from eastern ONT, so... there ya go.
MEMBERS: Stephen Whitehead, Jon Midwood, Graham Boyle, Anna Sudac and Liam Chiarelli

The bluegrass band Hard Ryde was up next on the show. Based out of Carrying Place, they've gone on to establish themselves quite well with fans of that genre. And 'Ridin'on That Midnight Train' seems to confirm exactly why. You can find that track on their album 'Stages'. Download it today, we say. Support regional talent!
MEMBERS: Doug deBoer, Rich Koop, Will Meadows, Gilles Leclerc, Stuart Rutherford and Shawn Kellett

From 1985, Kevin Simpson's tongue-in-cheek single 'Magnum P.I.' received a measurable amount of attention at the time. No wonder, too. Mr. Selleck was a serious heart throb, and Simpson's tune hit the nail on the head expounding that fact. We came really close to holding back this single for our Ep 008 comedy show... but we just had to spread some more fun around.

The Four Lads turned out to be this show's gimmie. Formed in Toronto in 1950, The Lads were signed to Columbia Records out of New York City, and scored many top 40 hits throughout the 50s and 60s, in an era when few Canadian acts were on such big labels. 'Istanbul (Not Constantinople)' is one of their lighter, even funnier successes, released in 1953. It still gets covered by artists to this day. Sent this tune out to my family. Lemme hear you sing it loud!
MEMBERS: Frank Busseri, James F. "Jimmy" Arnold, John Bernard "Bernie" Toorish, Corrado "Connie" Codarini, Johnny D'Arc, Sid Edwards, Aaron Bruce, Alan Sokoloff and Don Farrar

The next Kingston act on the show was Tracie Morgan. Tracie's warm vocals shine through on her track, 'Rain', as does her songwriting originality. Smooth performing and production make that whole album a very-easy-to-digest release. We're talking about the CD 'Naked on Main Street', which she released in 2005. Extra kudos to Tracie for using a photo of Brian's Record Option on the album cover.

Hearts on Hiatus, generally from Quinte West, were a quartet of young adults drawn together by passionate songs and performing. From their 2011 album, 'Reach for the Moon', we played 'Better Not Be' next on Ep 011. With THAT kind of energy, we hope they don't stay on hiatus. We'll take you back any time.
MEMBERS: Heather Kingdon, Joshua Saunders, Roberto Tougas, Alec Shanning and Branden Sero

Instrumental releases are always welcome on EOP shows, and we were fortunate to have Russ Burtch email his track 'Dreams' to us for inclusion here. From Kingston, Russ' 2012 recording made it's radio debut on Ep 011 - a scoop for us and our listeners. Sweet guitar licks from a regional act. Yep, that's what we play.

Superhero Smith closed off the show this time around. The Kingston band issued some digital recordings online during it's short lifespan, and 'That Ticking Sound' stood out to us as one of our favourites. Rock / progressive / partially psychedelic - we be Superhero fans now. Here's to finding more from these guys.
MEMBERS: Doug Clarke, Brian Frommer, Mark Hunt and Judson Levere

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