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EP 010 aired on July 21st, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were The Wilkinsons, Broken Parachute, Kevin Head, Donnie Wallace, Hannah Bock, Rick Fondell, The Belleville Citadel Quartet, Fast Drivin' Daisy, Jimmy See, Moxy Früvous, Tom Savage, Mark J. Hunt and Eight Seconds.

The Wilkinsons, from Trenton, took the first spot on this episode of EOP, with their hit 'Boy Oh Boy', off their 1998 debut album 'Nothing but Love'. The country family trio won numerous awards and released 5 albums before they went their seperate ways in 2008. In later EOP shows we played other tracks by them: Steve in Ep 012, and Amanda and Tyler (as Small Town Pistols) in Ep 016.
MEMBERS: Amanda Wilkinson, Steve Wilkinson and Tyler Wilkinson

Kingston's Broken Parachute were up next. The duo has developed quite an original pop/rock sound, as their track 'Bottom Line' displays so well. And from the majority of 'Down Is the New Up', their indie 2013 album, we'd say they have a good future ahead of themselves.
MEMBERS: Marcus Taylor and Ben Bell

Kevin Head, also from the Limestone City, released an in-concert album in 2012, rightly titled 'Live', recorded in Gananoque. Kevin accomplished the elusive-to-many feat of becoming a fulltime musician early on in his career, releasing a handfull of albums and performing regularly right across Canada. Now, we owe an apology to Mr. Head: during the program we announced the song title we played as 'Thanks Hank'. The track was actually 'Saturday Night in South Margarree'. The entire album is worthy of airplay... now there's a good theme for a show!

The Quinte region has a few musical hidden gems, and Donnie Wallace is one of them. A singer / songwriter / guitarist triple threat, Donnie's passion for country music shines through on his debut album 'For the First Time', which he released in 2000. We played the pseudo-title track, 'For the First Time Today', to give you an idea of his talents. A rare album, and even more pleasurable for it.

Gananoque's own Hannah Bock was another elusive find for EOP. Apart from the songs on her page such as 'Come Along' (up next on the show) and that the site says she's from Gan... the only thing left to say is give her tunes a chance. Regional homegrown music - what EOP is all about.

Rick Fondell was the performing AKA for Reverend Robert O'Brien Duncan Thrasher. Known for fronting the 'Rick Fondell and the Fun Band', Rick and the boys put on a lively show, filled with big band and 20s/30s tunes. 'Sweet Georgia Brown' off his 1979 'This Love of Mine' solo album captures that feeling, tap dance solo and all! We'll miss you, Reverend.

'Ezekiel' by The Belleville Citadel Quartet was a pleasurable add to Ep 010, if not for extending the genre reach of the show then for giving their great vocals some attention and appreciation. In their inimitable way, the quartet pulls off 'Ezekiel' in an almost barbershop fashion, sans instrumental backup. It was found on their circa 1970 LP 'The Citadel Quartet'. The Quartet was an extension of the Salvation Army band in Belleville, which has existed in form or another for over 125 years.

The next "mystery" act on EOP was Fast Drivin' Daisy. Their 1998 tune 'Tequila Sheila' from the V/A CD 'Longshot Live: Songs From the Limestone City' was all we could find on the band! How about a wild guess? According to that CD's booklet, a certaiin Paul Villeneuve-Butler may have been in the band, as well as in another Kingston band, Spora. Hope no secrets were spilled.

Jimmy See, a folk/rock singer from Consecon near Trenton, released a CD in 1999 titled 'S.O.S.'. Produced by Belleville's Ken Harnden at his Pinnacle Studios, the indie album is filled with Jimmy's views of relations both personal and global. We included the title track in this show - EOP was made for songs and artists like this.

The "gimmie" this episode was Toronto's Moxy Früvous with their tune 'Get in the Car'. Known as much for mixing light comedy in with quirky songwriting, the band hit their full stride with that 1997 album (their 5th), 'You Will Go to the Moon'. A particularly Canadian sound, we'd say. Some songs simply stick with you.
MEMBERS: David Matheson, Mike Ford, Jian Ghomeshi and Murray Foster

Tom Savage stands out from the Kingston crowd - from any crowd, really. An intelligent, folk-pop writer and performer, whether with his trio or solo, Tom's track 'All Over You' exemplifies his finely tuned talents. Not sure if this sounds too braggy, but that song stood out for us back in July '14, hence it's inclusion in Ep 010. Some unintentional foresight happened there - Tom included it on his October 2014 album 'History of a Common Man'.

Mark J. Hunt set about to do something quite challenging in 2014 - write a new song every week. Raised in rural ONT, east of Gananoque and now based in Kingston, one of the results of that extended plan was 'Burning Daylight'. If Mark keeps up with that plan, someone better plan to do one show just on his work.

Ottawa's synth-pop band Eight Seconds had a break in their career when the international record label Polydor signed them in 1985. The band had self-released an EP that same year called 'Ottava Rima', which included the track 'Where's Bula'. For EOP, we culled 'Where's Bula' from it's original 1983 release, the V/A album 'Sharechez 1983'. As is quite common, the orginal release may just be better than re-recorded later issues. Polydor had the band re-record this... too bad.
MEMBERS: Andre Del Castillo, March Cesare, Frank Levin, Scott Milks and Marc Parent

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