EP 009 aired on July 14th, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were Headstones, Monty Flindall, ToneKats, Marlene Leeson, Jason Silver, Robert Benoit, Beautiful Inferno, Laser, Kevin Smith, Abby Stewart, Fist, Ginger Graham and Bedouin Soundclash.

'Unsound' from Headstones opened up Ep 009 of EOP. From their second album, 1995's 'Teeth & Tissue', that track from the Kingston band is one of our favourites. The band took about a ten year hiatus in the early 2000s, returning to the scene with their 2013 album 'Love & Fury', then 2014's 'One in the Chamber Music'. Have to shy away from cliches like 'kick ass', 'punk', etc. However you describe them, these guys cut their own path through the jungle of the business. And we're happy to follow.
MEMBERS: Hugh Dillon, Trent Carr, Tim White, Dale Harrison and Mark Gibson

Writer / singer / drummer / producer Monty Flindall is another hidden Ontario gem. From his own studio near Cobourg, he's produced dozens of albums for regional artists over the years, managing to squeeze in 3 CDs of his own along the way. From his 2004 album 'Evolved' we played 'I Can Feel This Way' next, with Monty playing and singing everything. With talent like that evovled more than most, here's hoping Monty dosen't feel like stopping any time soon.

ToneKats, from Kingston, feed the soul, in their folky/pop way. Straight up 4 piece music and good harmonies, put to use with thoughtful songwriting. 'Crossed the Line' in particular is what we're talking about. Great break from the 'norm'... whatever that is for you.
MEMBERS: Davey B, John Sedgwick, Cousin Paul and C. Junior Melanson

Country chanteuse Marlene Leeson was up next in Ep 009, with a preview of her original single 'Who's the Girl', which received an official release just this week. The Thunder Bay native eventually settled down up along highway 7 north of Belleville and continues to wow audiences where ever she appears.

Jason Silver, hailing from Sydenham, has been quite a prolific singer/songwriter, releasing more than a dozen albums with no signs of stopping! Off his 2008 CD 'Sunny Days' we played 'Lover's Road' to give you an idea of his talents. Hard to pick from all those releases... but only hard in the 'I've-got-to-listen-to-more-good-music' kinda way. Waah is me.

The native down-east-er Robert Benoit, multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, blessed us with a copy of his 'Me, Myself & I' CD a few years ago. And a blessing, it surely is. Having settled near Lindsay, and after all these years working with The Carlton Showband, Robert still has the talents and passions of a young man. 'Carter Maschke's Reel', which aired next, should prove our point - play all the parts in THAT by yourself.

Perth was represented in this EOP show by Beautiful Inferno and their track 'Faulter', off their digital album 'Gasoline Rainbow' released in 2004. A great mix of classic rock feel and modern performances, it's turning out to be another one of our favourite tracks. Discovering great new acts is the cherry on the icing, and Beautiful Inferno is pretty well the whole cake.
MEMBERS: Mike Brown, Curt Sproule, Mike Cooper and Andrew Tuijtel

Laser was a studio project headed by John Collins of B&C Records in Belleville during the 80s. Soft pop/AOR would be a fair description of the band's sound. Their 1982 ballad 'Through', played next, was their first release. A very rare one at that. Tracks exactly like this help expand the musical originality of the region - as does it's inclusion on EOP. We're quite happy about both of those points.

The various artists CD 'Foundation of Rock 1992' was mined for a number of EOP tracks. One of the more original songs on the disc is Kevin Smith's 'Underground'. The one downside is... how little information we could dig up on Kevin! How about a trade? We play the track and someone let us know more about Kevin.

Abby Stewart, Kingston's own has been making a splash on the country scene, and rightly so. A captivating young talent with a dynamic voice, her tunes such as 'Broken Home' released in 2014 bridge the traditional/classic gap of country with ease. A talent to watch for, so keep your eyes on Abby.

Ottawa hard rock act Fist formed in the late 70s. 1979 saw the release of their debut album, simply titled 'Fist'. It differed noticably from their later albums on A&M Records and other labels: it was an indie release by the band and has a much stronger progessive rock sound, prodominently because of the use of keyboards. 'Too Late', the opening track on that LP, says it all. For those appreciating trivia... the band was also known as Myofist in Europe.
MEMBERS: Ron Chenier, Laurie Curry, Jeff Stephen, Jason MacDonald, John Chenier, Bob Patterson, Ed Eagan, Jeff Nystrom, Ivan Tessier and Dave MacDonald

The album 'Rough Around the Edges' by Belleville's Ginger Graham isn't only rare for it being a regional indie release, but it's a live recording, as well. Recorded by Bentwood Rocker's Eric Baragar, 'A Thousand Words to Say I Care' is one of the milder tracks on this somewhat raucous country/folk album. Sounded like it was a blast being there. No chance of a DVD...?

Successful trios are hard to find... reggae / dub / soul trios even more so. Originally from Kingston, Bedouin Soundclash is one of those fortunate acts. Formed in 2000, their 2004 album 'Sounding a Mosaic' was the one we selected to play a track from, 'Criminal' specifically. There was no smoother way to close off Ep 009.
MEMBERS: Jay Malinowski, Eon Sinclair, Pat Pengelly and Sekou Lumumba

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