EOP EPISODE 008 (AKA The Comedy Episode)

EP 008 (AKA The Comedy Episode) aired on July 7th, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were The Arrogant Worms, Canadian Studmuffin, Charlie Farquharson, The Brothers Bruce, Tweed Twangers, Rich Little, Glen Foster, Fleshpots, Delmer MacGregor & Cecil Wiggins, Ryan Fan Club, The City Slickers, Roger James, Dennis Whitty, Jughead and Al Jensen.

The Arrogant Worms from Kingston are one of Canada's longest running musical comedy troupes. 'The Golf Song' from their 'Toast!' album, released in 2004, kicked off this episode. The Worms have few peers, in fact. Formed in 1991, their 13 albums have sold over 160,000 copies, and they've toured on 3 continents to crowds of up to 100,000 people. No laughing matter, indeed. We're glad we can't say the same about their songs.
MEMBERS: Trevor Strong, Mike McCormick, Chris Patterson, John Whytock, Gord Thompson and Steve Wood

Trenton's Canadian Studmuffin (AKA Larry Graves) is another rarity on the comedy scene - an online video industry in his own right. His hilarious clips can be quite twisted... and we don't mean just his face. We inlcluded his '157 Stiches' tune in Ep 008 to give you just a taste. Search him out - hope you're used to not blinking a whole lot.

Charlie Farquharson is an alter ego of comedian Don Harron. As Charlie, Don enjoyed measurable success as a member of the American TV comedy show 'Hee Haw', which followed his splash onto the Canadian radio and TV airwaves. There is no finer spin on both a Canadian character and topic than his 'Yer Metric' track, off his 1974 'Charlie Farquharson's Open Mouth' LP. Truly genius, and measures up to the test of time. Sorry for the pun. Wait... we're not sorry, Charlie.

As a result of meeting up at Rideau District High School in Elgin, The Brothers Bruce soon found themselves drawn together recording a variety of comedy tracks, inculding 'Another Pimple', their 'tribute' to the common adolescent malady. Eventually released in 2012 as part of the retrospective 'No Lines Left Uncrossed', a show such as Ep 008 was more than fitting for that track's debut radio performance. That which does not embarass you, makes you stronger.
MEMBERS: Rik Berryere, Pete Jardine, Al Jensen and Jef Leeson

The Tweed Twangers. Any guess as to their place of origin? Well, just to clarify beyond any doubts, we included their 'Tweedsmuir Lament' track (a tribute to the town's long standing watering hole) next, which was on their 'Airin' Our Laundry' album, released in 2003. The Twangers were another truly Canadian of comedy, with their inimitable twists on hillbilly ways. Thank you, Twangers. We'll miss you.
MEMBERS: Lurleen Lumpquest, Red Scratchitt, Ellie-Mae Scratchitt, Elvira Tubble and Wilbur Wigglebottom

Rich Little (born in the Nation's Capital) took little time (not sorry for yet another pun) in becoming a true comedic superstar with his impressions. The 'Margaret's Debut' track we played, off his 1971 'in Concert at the National Arts Centre' LP, is just a tip of a very big mountain. As if releasing numerous albums, videos and TV specials of his own weren't enough, Little has performed with such stars as Judy Garland, Ed Sullivan, Jackie Gleason, Glen Campbell, Dean Martin and Julie Andrews Show, and hosted The Tonight Show, no less than 12 times. Tag all of that with his stars on the Canadian Walk of Fame, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Palms Springs Walk of Fame and Las Vegas Walk of Fame, THEN you get the big picture. Big talent. Big Smiles.

When choosing a Glen Foster track for EOP, we ran into a quandary - should we or should we not play just any track by this blantantly Canadian standup guy? And, what do ya know, were came across his song, 'What Are You Gonna Do', from his 'That Canadian Guy' CD released in 2003. There's no better way to satirize complacency than that track, with a wonderful Newfoundland-ish flavour, too. Just had to share it.

Fleshpots, also from up The Rideau Canal, were a short-lived experimental comedy duo, creating their aural experimentations in a strictly ad lib fashion. 'I Can't Buy Anything at the Market' was an homage to bad shopping experiences we're sure anyone can identify with. Their 2006 EP 'How's Your Banana Hangin'?' contains their entire archive of tracks, sure to be a collection one would love or... not.
MEMBERS: William Marquis and Jef Leeson

The Ottawa Valley has inspired and been the stomping ground for thousands of acts over the decades. For outright Valley satire, Delmer MacGregor & Cecil Wiggins have gone down in history as the kings of their field. Their tune in Ep 008, 'Valley Lads', found on the 1982 promo LP 'The Spirit of Rock & Roll Album', was a rarity among their recordings - a parody version of Frank Zappa's 'Valley Girl', itself a moderate hit that same year. Known more for their originals such as 'Meadow Muffin Blues' and 'Dance the Gidday', 'Valley Lads' was their final fling on the local radio station charts. Should mention - Renfrew's popular 80s hard rock band Metagenesis helped the two out by being their backup on the tune.

Ryan Fan Club: now THERE'S an original artist. His 'Friggidy Ding-Dong', played in this show, is a small taste of his... how shall we say, funky uniqueness. If that track doesn't suffice curious ears, check out the lyrics of his songs on the same album, released in 2011. Kingston should be proud. As his fans should be. We're in that club... FER SURE!!!

More from The Limestone City: The City Slickers hit the local airwaves in the early 1990s with their track 'G'Day! Workin' Are Ya?', from their EP of the same name. With it's other songs, 'I'm Goin' to the Bingo', 'Kiss Her Till My Lips Fall Off' and 'Devil's on the Other Line', The Slickers made their mark, as only they could, with smart, funny satirical country songs. And EOP is better for it, too.
MEMBERS: Duffy King, Larry Severin, Jim Sherwood and Michael Myers

One last K-town act: Roger James. Multi-instrumentalist, standup comedian, singer-songwriter... bigger than a triple threat. 'Big Strong Man', his track in this show, is a more accurate type of phrase to describe his work and accomplishments. Appearances with Joe Cocker, Bruce Cockburn, Murray McLauchlan, J.J. Cale, The Kingston Trio and Tommy James & the Shondells are just some examples of his touring experiences. In front of 10 or 10,000, he's got material to please'em all.

Dennis Whitty (from the Deseronto area) had his first single released in 1981. A cheerful look at avoiding that guy with odd footwear, and the consequences of making him cross, 'Boots' began a long career for Dennis which continues today. A strong supporter of regional talent, he can often be seen performing at such functions and jamborees between his own shows.

Jughead's 'The Hockey Song' has become one of those irreplaceable anthems at hockey games all over the continent. As part of the band's 1993 album 'Uncorked', it originally received no particular notice at all. However, the rootsy jug-band style of the song combined with it's unforgettably repetitive chorus caught the attention of the DJs at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens, and the tune was unleashed upon the world. Now, if that ain't a Canadian scenario... dunno what is.
MEMBERS: Professor Brian Morgan, Sugarlips, Greg Monk, Smith, Todd Gallant, Mets, TJ Shediak, Julie Tobbogan, Andrew Queen and Doug Queen

Wrapping up Ep 008, we played Al Jensen's 'Let's Ask: The Authoritarian' skit, a solo recording by the guitarist from 'The Brother's Bruce'. You just can't argue with that skit: one person playing two people, getting to the bottom of what authority is all about. The recording made it's world-wide radio debut on EOP... this, we're absolutely sure about. Insert sound of fist hitting table here.

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