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EP 007 aired on June 30th, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were Photograph, The Shiners, Christine Hunter, Smackpuppy, Liberty Silver, Born to Lose, The Dale Brothers, John Wilberforce, Butane Prophet, Vanessa Jean Moulton, Yodeca and Revmatic. Special guest on the show was Nichelle Leeson, wisely keeping her host in his place at all times.

'The Last Dance' from Belleville's Photograph opened up Ep 007. One the few Canadian acts to be signed by Parlophone Records (the first label The Beatles were signed to), Photograph saw some nationwide success with that single. It was the first track on their 1981 debut album, appropriately titled 'The Photograph Album'. Another fine example of great pop-rock from the region.
MEMBERS: Andy Forgie, John Paul Murphy, Mark Rashotte and Mark Wilkins

The Shiners is a fitting moniker for this Cornwall-region band. Making thoughtful, folk-pop observations on the world in general - couldn't be done any better or any catchier. And with just acoustic guitar, bass and drums for backing at that. We included their tune 'Turn Off the City Lights' off their 2011 'Not Alone' album to prove the point. Shine on.
MEMBERS: Eric Willison, Jay Collis and Joel Labrosse

Kingston's Christine Hunter released her EP 'Meet Me at the Cafe' in 1991. 'Flyin Home to You' gets in your head, and stays there, and not only because of it's fresh country-folk originality. Looking for that Canadiana sound? This is it. A rare disc to track down, and well worth the search.

Smackpuppy, from Odessa, stands out from the eastern ONT crowd. Their 'How's Your Mom?' EP released in 1999 may have been their only one, but it's far from derserving no appreciation. Their tune 'Change' from that EP is a refreshing, raw live track (partially in 7/8 time), leaving a strong impression of what it may have been like catching one of their shows. Wish we could have been there.
MEMBERS: Wendy Bouwma, Ryan Carrier, Ryan Weir and Aaron Termeulen

Toronto based Liberty Silver was this episode's gimmie. Known for her amazing vocal range (rumoured to be over 4 octaves!) and inarguable feel, there's no doubt Liberty has made an indelible mark on the soul/r'n'b scene over the years. As a simple taste of those talents, we included her 1981 dance single 'I Need Lovin'. If half the singers in the world could perform half as well... well, listen for yourself.

Born to Lose is one of the rare eastern ONT acts we discovered - and we could discover no more than their track 'Nothing Left to Say' on the various artists CD 'Unsigned: A Compilation of New Canadian Music - Volume 2', and that it was recorded in Westport at Summit Sound. Hard rock, certainly - but there's GOTTA be more... somewhere. Still looking.

The Eganville duo The Dale Brothers quickly came to mind when we were considering rare eastern ONT tracks for EOP. Drums and organ - a quintessential 1960's combo when considering music from that decade. That's to say, organ-based instrumental recordings exploded onto the scene in the 50s and 60s. And The Dale Brothers were right in there, releasing their version of 'Love Potion No. 9' as a single circa 1967, adding their original title 'Misfits' to the B-side, the track we played in Ep 007. Siblings Richard and Robert were also known as 'The Mission Boys', using their popularity to help gain support for the Dal-Grotto Mission outside Eganville. For the stalwart collectors of rare Canadian tracks, we highly recommend their 'Electrifying Sounds of The Dale Brothers' LP, released around the same time. Oh - worth mentioning: the Dales were independant recording artists, too... in the 1960s, nonetheless.
MEMBERS: Richard Dale and Robert Dale

John Wilberforce, hailing from Oxford Station these days (south of Kemptville), is a performer, writer and producer in the indie/rock/country vein. His background in rock and country cover bands served him very well, as is evidenced by his 2014 digital single 'When You Fall', added next in this show. A very impressive talent, both as vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Insert continued warm fuzzy reactions here.

Belleville's Butane Prophet followed with their 'Relapsing by the Fire' track, a digital release by the band from 2012. A hard rock and partially psychedelic trip finely suited to the band's overall sounds. A couple of EPs and singles under their belts makes for a great start to what we hope will be a long-running list of releases.
MEMBERS: Big Daddy Dishrags, Reverend Stroud, DJ Road Toad and Gusset Huffer

Vanessa Jean Moulton - a well hidden 80s country artist from up Rideau River way. Her 'I Just Want Somebody' single from 1986 was yet another very rare addition to EOP. An original tune written by her, it was produced in Toronto by Rich Dodson of Stampeders fame, and released by Kingston's Kevin Simpson on his Ebony Records label. Prior to 'I Just Want Somebody', Ebony issued her debut single 'I Wish'. Both 45s can still be found for sale online.

Yodeca was an early project fronted by Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory's David R. Maracle. 'Virgin Land', added in this episode, was one of the more impressive cuts off their 'Earthfusion' CD, released in 2001, helping the band spread their messages of equality and peace. Maracle has since gone on to become one the country's more reknowned solo artists in his field.
MEMBERS: David Maracle, Joe Lewis and Dave Deleary

Closing off Ep 007 was Kingston's Revmatic, with their track 'She's a Drug'. Self described as 'hard rock/metal', their way of mixing things up is very comparable to any band from any where. Not overstating this - we mean any band. Great track. Great band. Hard to follow this up. So we didn't.
MEMBERS: Nathan Yetter, Keith Daigle, Rob Baker, Ron Berry and Trevor Wilson

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