EP 006 aired on June 23rd, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were Blushing Brides, Norm & Joanne Post, Alex Leggett, The Great Augustus, Jenica Rayne, Printers Alley, Kevin Guitar Band, Trains of Winter, Vorasek, Colin Amey, Allowable Avenue, David Woodhead, Brockville Police Chorus and Electrashine.

Shying away from the words 'cover' or 'tribute' band, Kingston's Blushing Brides began performing a mix of Rolling Stones songs and originals right out of the gate. Canada (and, indeed, the northern States) took notice immediately. As did many record labels. Going with RCA Records, The Brides, as they were also known, enjoyed radio success with a few tunes, most prominently 'What You Talkin 'Bout' from their 1982 debut LP 'Unveiled'. This episode of EOP started off with that track. They STILL perform occasionally to this day - rightly so. If any band deserves to be included in a list of Canadian rock 'royalty, it's The Brides.
MEMBERS: Paul Martin, Maurice Raymond, James 'Doc' Green, Martin Van Dyjk, Richard 'Rico' Berthiaume, Andre Lasalle, Richard Diamond, Doug Inglis, Mike Mozak, Jack 'JackeeBoy' Fuller, Vic Cassis, Desmond Leahy, Sasha Tukastch, Glen Olive, Dylan Heming, Daniel Hoffenberg, Lee Boice, Rodney Ledbetter, Shane McConnell and Matt Jacob

Speaking of royalty: Norm & Joanne Post deserve the same title. This father and daughter duo were one half of the popular 1970's Prince Edward County country band, The Singing Post Family, which included sister Debbie and brother Ken. Norm and Joanne continued performing and recording as solo acts after the family band retired, resulting in each releasing numerous solo albums, and then in 2011, recording their 'For Sale: A Tribute to Hank & Anita' duo album. We happily included their rendition of 'Mockingbird Hill' in Ep 006.

When describing Gananoque's Alex Leggett's style, it may suit best to include terms from his own bio: 'singer/songwriter' and 'ecclectic'. Issuing 6 albums and EPs since 2008, with an original slant on a variety of topics, we agree those terms do him justice. His track 'The Mix' from his 2013 album 'Captain' doesn't disappoint in supporting those descriptions - or the ear.

The Great Augustus hailed from Kingston. Their spin on how to describe their music? How does 'Super Jungle Jazz Pop' sound? Well, you have to listen to 'Leonora' to understand - a digital single from them issued in 2012. The band posted a stripped-down acoustic version on Youtube, too. Either way, a good tune from a band that deserved more longevity.
MEMBERS: Erik Hamel, Lloyd McArton, Robbie Dickinson and Spence McComb

Jenica Rayne (Picton-born, Kingston-based) has a background in jazz (having studied in the Vancouver Island University's jazz music program). You can hear some jazz in her original music... but there's much more to it than that. If 'singer/songwriter' isn't an overused desciption in general, it probaly also applies to Jenica's work, too. While you can also enjoy her in The Calamity Janes and her duo work with Lynne Hanson, her solo tracks like 'Will You Help a Stranger' played in this EOP show are a great example of why she deserves the spotlight. It's available on her 'Hall of Memories' album, issued in 1999, and is more than worth the purchase.

The third in a trio of Limestone City tracks cane next: the 1999 single 'Nowhere Fast' by Printers Alley. A staple band on the 1990s/2000s country circuit, this dynamic quintet had no less than 4 vocalists. Top that up with 2 guitars, bass, fiddle and drums, arranged and performed as well as any act you'll ever hear (and I DO mean ever...). Give that track a listen just in case my point is not coming across. Frankly, I'll keep enjoying the tune regardless...
MEMBERS: James Ingram, Shawn Kellett, Brad Baldwin, James Sly and Shawn McCullough

Brockville's Kevin Guitar Band released a self-titled cassette-only demo EP in 1988. And we're glad they did. To put a spin on things, they included the killer instrumental track 'Spyman Thriller Twist'. You could say it was their signature tune - I call a blast. How could this not be part of an EOP show???
MEMBERS: K. Guitar, Mike Mann and Glen 'Bongo Fury' Crotty

Trains of Winter first got together in Kingston, and eventually moved on to Toronto. Some time after doing so, they managed to get their track 'Resurrection' on the various artists CD 'Foundation of Rock 1992'. I could find little else regarding other recordings by them, sad to say. 'Resurrection' was a great indication of something bigger. I'll be keeping an eye out for more about them to be sure.
MEMBERS: Andrew Pricesmith, Mike Wynn, Roly Miller and Paul Pasanen

Vorasek often describes their style as 'blues-riff-rock'. Their track in this episode, 'Pain', doesn't fail that genre. But like many o' their tunes, their sound includes much more than just blues and rock. Be sure to check out more of this Kingston band when you can, like 'Pain', from their digital album, 'The 2013 Vora-Set'.
MEMBERS: Ted Evans, Jeebs Simpson, Mitchell Torrens, Zakk Badour

Raised in the Quinte region, Colin Amey is one of the country's best kept secrets. A talented writer and singer, Colin has few superiors when it comes to his combo of talent and passion. Having reached his biggest audience yet with his 2013 EP 'Just Do What You Do' and it's inclusion of a cover of Kim Mitchell's 'Go For A Soda', we took a look at that EP and found the track 'Somebody Loves Him'. Should describe Colin's fans quite nicely.

Another (intentional) Kingston act: the duo Allowable Avenue make it very clear why some artists work very well without a larger lineup. We had to play their 'You Got What You've Needed' track from 2012 to make that point. Really - you've never heard a duo like this. Listen and learn!
MEMBERS: Bart Starship and Stehfon Nashelstine

David Woodhead is this shows 'gimmie'. Originally from Montréal, David's experience as a bassist (he is equally experienced on many other instruments...) spans a very impressive array of Canadian talent: Betty and the Bobs, Colleen Peterson, David Bradstreet, Edmonton Symphony, Eric Nagler, Garnet Rogers, Mary Jane Lamond, Murray McLaughlin, Ron Hynes, Ryan's Fancy, Scott Merritt , Sneezy Waters, Stan Rogers, The Arrogant Worms and Valdy among many, many others. David's solo recording career, though, started in 1999 with the release of his 'Sweets and Conundrums' album. We included his track 'Enter Your Problem' from that album in Ep 006.

The Brockville Police Chorus began back in 1972 and ran for about 10 years. By the time their debut, self-titled album was released in 1978, they were performing dozens of times a year in churches, schools, banquet halls and homes for the aged. The BPC were one of the most well received and award winning choruses of it's kind in Ontario, and more than worth adding to an EOP show. Recorded in Westport at Summit Sound, the track we played is the Irish folk classic 'Brennan on the Moor'.

Representing the western side of eastern ON (Peterborough to be specific), Electrashine's power pop sounds help the original trio get some serious attention. Morphing a little with some members changes and expanding to a quartet by 2001, we thought we'd include a tune off their debut-eponymous 1998 EP to share that original trio sound with you. And, so, we chose 'She Wanted She Needed'. A great closer. Leave 'em wanting more.
MEMBERS: Jon Maxwell, Tom Gardner, Dan Young, Adam MacGillivray and Ron Taylor

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