EP 005 aired on June 16th, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were Avril Lavigne, Steve Whyte & Friends, Doug Gifford, Don Norman and The Other 4, The Bells, Terry Carisse, Shawn McCullough, The Craig Foster Band, Katalin Kiss, Ritual, Lisa Hart, Dieter Boehme and Dendt.

Avril Lavigne - second only to Bryan Adams for being a famous artist from the region. Sk8er/pop/rock big hits and more... what to play, what to play. Rather than include a typical single to open this episode I stuck with a more favourite album track: 'Nobody's Fool' from her debut 2002 album 'Let Go'. Like her or love her, you can't ignore her.

Steve Whyte, from the Madoc ONT area, is a favourite and recent discovery. Not just because I first found his debut 'Fly Me Away…' CD (released in 2013) for sale in a Madoc flower shop, but because the album is very original, his folk/country/songwriter styles filling almost every bit and byte of the disc. Hence, the inclusion of 'Get Me Out of Here' from that album. Do yourself a favour - search it out. And pick up some flowers for someone while you're at it.

Gananoque's singer/songwriter Doug Gifford was brought to my attention by Jeff Callery. If for no other reason than either of those 2 artists (both Doug and Jeff that is), Gan should be proud to turn out such great talent. Doug's track in this show 'That's a Train' sets a great tone for his 2013 CD, appropriately titled 'Gananoque', and 'Train' was a must for EOP.

The emerging rock scene in Ottawa in the 1960s was a vibrant one, without a doubt. Don Norman and The Other Four was one of a handful of acts signed to a local label called 'Sir John A. Records', the label known for it's 'square' records (a pseudo illusion - their 45 labels printed with square graphics). Nothing square about Don or any of the other acts, though. 'Low Man' was a 1966 single for the band, and is still a killer track. Get yer fuzz pedal shoes on.
MEMBERS: Gary Comeau, Brian Dewhurst, Ron Greene, Bill Helman, Art Kirby, Skip Layton, John Matthews, Don Norman, Rick Pandis and John Winskell

The Bells from Montréal were this episodes 'gimmie' - little or no official connection to East ONT (with the exception of one band member: Gananoque's Cliff Edwards). The group hit the high chart positions numerous times in the early 1970s, 1973's 'He Was Me, He Was You' being one of their final hits. The soft pop genre was optimized by the The Bells... and there's no chance you could convince me otherwise.
MEMBERS: Ann Ralph, Jacki Ralph, Cliff Edwards, Doug Gravelle, Gordie McLeod, Mickey Ottier, Charlie Clark, Michael Waye, Frank Mills, Dennis Will, Skip Layton, Will "Wayne" Cardinal and John Winskell

Terry Carisse, another Ottawa artist, had few peers in the Canadian country music industry. Terry achieved what most artists dream about - a successful career writing, recording and performing his original material, earning accolades from fans and winning many awards along the way. By 1986, the year his album 'None of the Feeling Is Gone' was released, the hit single 'Love Sweet Love' issued off that album was sure to continue extending Terrys career. That song stands the test of time, as does much of his work. Here's to you, Terry.

Parham native Shawn McCullough is one of those rare-in-the-region guitar picker/singer/songwriters. Performing from an early age, his love for the stage included being an integral part of Kingston's popular 90s band Printers Alley. Shawn's song in Ep 005, 'Fight', was released earlier in 2014. Inspired by his father's battle with cancer, Shawn released 'Fight' to help raise awareness and funds for cancer research via the Relay For Life campaign - very deserving of listening to and supporting the cause however you can.

From the Picton area, The Craig Foster Band released their digital single 'Not for Me to Say' just prior to renaming themselves The Zeds. This is a great track no matter what the band want to call themselves. No way we couldn't play this track.
MEMBERS: Craig Foster, Keith Gordon and Greg Bryant

Katalin Kiss' R&B/soul talents were a great addition to this episode of EOP. From the Glenora area, Katalin is co-owner of Indie Arts studio, which is very good for us - her tracks stand up to any R&B/soul you're ever heard. 'Everything in My Power' was released in 2012... do just that to track down more of Katalin Kiss.

Ritual is probably Cornwall's biggest secret in the rock biz. Thrashy, meaty grooves - not going for cliches here, just a few adjectives off the top of my head. From their debut CD, 'I Give', we included their track 'Fearless (The Real Deal)' to spice up a show... which it does in great measure. Ritual formed in 1993, and they're still at it.
MEMBERS: Sean Harley, Daryl Kiviaho, Jason Collis and Joel Labrosse

Napanee's Lisa Hart is one of the more active and successful country/blues artists from the area. Driven to perform, her baritone tones give her an easy-to-distinguish sound, and easy to listen to, too. In Ep 005 we played 'Bottoms Up Boys', the opening track off her debut CD 'Ticket to Freedom', released in 2007. Making you thirsty for more?

Dieter Boehme was one of the region's first indie country recording acts in the 1980s. Hailing from Odessa, Dieter released numerous albums and singles over the years, co-writing and co-producing them all on his own record label. Those in the know would agree, too - his tracks continue to compare VERY favourably to any from the 80s. Lend an ear to 'Who Is the One' from his 1984 self-titled EP. I'm sure you'll agree.

The Belleville band Dendt was a short-lived project, maybe just a studio thing, but I'm not entirely certain. 'Bigger Man' from their CD 'One Night Only' (released in 2002) sets the tone for the album in a good way. Another hard-to-find album now, but it's another search-it-out album as well. Country fans might be interested to know - Dendt was one of D'arcy Hammerton's first bands
MEMBERS: D'arcy Hammerton, Tracey Rogers, Kyle Brown and Terry Bald

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