EP 004 aired on June 9th, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were Lee Aaron, Hard Pushin' Papa, Astrid Young, Bob McCord and The Vibrations, Colleen MacAlister, Leaving Kentucky, Mary Jane Lamond, Patricia Murray, Josh Decaire, Debbie McLean, Andrew Martin and Zon.

'Under Your Spell' from Belleville's Lee Aaron started off Ep 004. It's the opening track (and first single) off her debut album, 1982's 'The Lee Aaron Project', which was two years before her ground breaking 'Metal Queen' album. Only 20 at the time the Project album was released, it's quite evident from that song she was bound for bigger things. And commited to music; Lee has since expanded her experiences to include starting her own record label (Hip Chic Music), releasing 2 jazz albums in 2000 and 2004. A lady with a big voice, and big talent.

Guitar, vocals, drums and... tuba. Add blues to that mix and you get Hard Pushin' Papa. From the Athens area, HPP's originality was a very refreshing addition to EOP. Smooth, lively and full of feel, we played their 'Baby Surely Do' track from their 2009 eponymous CD. Like their stuff? We surely do.
MEMBERS: Glen Crotty, Pat Johnson and Matthew Wilson

Astrid Young stands out of the crowd - writer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and wine maker. Her long love and history of music certainly shines through in her track 'Amy's Song', included in this episode. Making Prince Edward County her home when not touring, Astrid can be found performing in the region solo at any time of the year. A must-see and must-hear artist.

From 1964 (making this the earliest rock 'n roll song from the area we could find), Bob McCord and The Vibrations' 'I Missed My Year' was a top 5 hit for this Kingston band. One of those early rock rarities, this was a very special addition to EOP. Very surprised that I had this in my collection - a GREAT surprise, that is.
MEMBERS: Bob McCord, Roger Cooke, Keith McDonnell, Al Duff, Pat Byrnes and Tom Bennett

Madoc ONT is well represented by the inclusion of Colleen MacAlister's 'Sentimental Baby' song, from her 2005 CD 'Real Light'. Mixing pop and folk styles with contemporary Christian & singer-songwriter storytelling, Colleen's voice is a powerful instrument, giving her music that much more of a powerful impact. Keep listening for her.

Leaving Kentucky was very likely Gananoque's most popular 'new country' act in the 1990s. Four (sometimes more) instruments, 3 vocalists, and a passion for playing all shines through in the title track from their only album, 'Can't Sit Still', released in 1995. Worth listening and/or line dancing to - take your pick.
MEMBERS: Jeff Callery, Matt Dulmage, Mark Taras and Jamie Sharpe

Kingston-born Mary Jane Lamond is a multi award winning Canadian artist. Settling in Nova Scotia and diving into Gaelic musical culture will studying at St. Francis Xavier University, Mary Jane's career took off with the success of the collaboration 'Sleepy Maggie' with Ashley MacIsaac. Mary Jane has since followed this up with many solo albums, each solidifying her career that much more. We happily included 'Gur e mo r¨n an d˛mhnallach' from her 2005 'St˛ras' CD. Hypnotizing to say the least - in the BEST of ways.

Patricia Murray is one of the 17 artists on the 1998 V/A CD 'Longshot Live: Songs From The Limestone City'. Specifically, she is the first act on that album. And rightly so. Her 'So Sideways' track in this EOP show surely makes one hope she made more 'sideways' recordings. If you know more info on Patricia, let us know!

Napanee's Josh Decaire was a good inclusion in this episode - any episode, really. 'All That I Need Now' is a good, original take on softer folk-pop. Something about it tells me Josh may have played more than just one instrument on it, in fact. Give it a spin and tell me what you think.

Debbie McLean, the Quinte-west country and gospel singer, had to be virtually pushed onto the stage. Why did she wait so long with a voice like this? 'Take This Heart', the title track from her first album, will make you ask the same question. It may be quaint to leave some things a mystery... I just hope there's no mystery in the answer to the question 'Will we hear more from Debbie?'.

'A crooner from Napanee?' Yes. So, you must be asking about Andrew Martin. Another multi award winning talent from the region, Andrew has received rave reviews worldwide - 'Just in Time' from his 2008 'Departures' album will let you know why. A rare talent and a great addition for Ep 004.

The Toronto progressive rock band Zon ('sun') rounded out this EOP show, with their 'Put on the Show' track from their 'Astral Projector' album, released in 1978. More variety in one episode than you'd expect.
MEMBERS: Roddi Chappell, Howard Helm, Kim Hunt, Pat McQuire, Brian Miller, Jim Samson and Denton Young

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