EP 003 aired on June 2nd, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were The Tragically Hip, Jeff Callery, Dreadful dAYS, Andy Schick, Suzanne Pasternak, X-Husbands, The Haggertys, Zero-Hour, Gentlemens Club, Tranquility Base, The Carnies, Adam Knapp And Kickback and Klaatu.

As one of Canada's most successful and popular band's in history, The Tragically Hip's music has been described as ' uniquely and resonantly Canadian'... take from that what you will. It was a challenge to pick just 1 song by The Hip for the show - nothing against them or any artist in particular, but 1 song by each EOP artist was as good a reason as any to put a manageable limit on the number of overall tracks. 'Something not so predictable' should be another byline for the program. And 'Ahead by a Century' suited just fine, off their 'Trouble at the Henhouse' album from 1996. These guys still show no sign of stopping.
MEMBERS: Gordon Downie, Gord Sinclair, Bobby Baker, Paul Langlois and Johnny Fay

Gananoque native Jeff Callery is one of the 1000 Islands better known musical gems. Beginning in the mid 1990s with his band Leaving Kentucky (who we played a track by in a later episode of EOP), Jeff's subsequent work with Runaway Train, plus his solo recordings and performances have solidified a very loyal fan base, and honed his passion for music and performing. A softer (even jazzier) side of Jeff's songwriting skills are at the core of his digital single 'Gorgeous Love', which he released in 2013, and which we included in Ep 003.

Dreadful dAYS (from Belleville) were a short-lived band, formed by members in their late teens, a trio of friends from Quinte Secondary School. Rock, pop, ska - this band was truly a Quinte-region original, if not a Canadian original. Their tune 'Plastic Sturgeon' from their 2006 CD 'Macho' is a shining testament to their sound, and a right catchy one at that. First thing you should do: search out a copy of 'Macho' - well worth the effort. Next thing for us: track down their 'Space Mustard' release.
MEMBERS: Joey Cretney, J.D. Hill and Nathan Mahaffy

Originally from Trenton and residing in Kingston these days, Andy Schick's fantastic steel guitar talents have become very well known in the Canadian country scene, being the lover of steel styles and sounds that he is. Off a 2007 various artists CD called 'Northern Steel II', we included that album's opening track by Andy, 'Don't Fence Me In', a rendition surely deserved of wide appreciation. A wonderful way to expand the genres played on EOP.

Bloomfield's own Suzanne Pasternak could be described as a hidden talent. We hope we rectified that a little by including in Ep 003 her wonderful track 'Waiting', which can be found on her 'Poetic License' album, released in 2011. According to the CD booklet, the album was her first in 22 years. Heart felt original singer-songwriter material - we'd like to hear more, and sooner than another 22 years if possible!

X-Husbands - a fitting moniker for a band kicking out great blues/post punk/rock like they do. Attitude, feel, originality... everything a music fan should be looking for. And, hey, from Napanee, no less. From their 2011 album 'I Do', we spun their track 'Hefty' in this show. Add that track to your list of songs that make you smile every time you hear it. I have.
MEMBERS: John McKinney, Matt Smith, and Bryson Dockrill

The Haggertys, also known as Jim & Diane, were one of the region's first country/pop acts to take the indie-plunge back in the 1980s. From north of Belleville, their passion for performing and recording lead them to releasing the LP 'Hot on the Heels of Love' in 1986, and it's title track was included in Ep 003. A fun tribute to 50s-style rock, it features Jim on vocals. The album was co-produced by Eric Baragar of Bentwood Rocker fame.

We love various artist CDs. The first band we played off the Kingston-based V/A CD '3 By 6 From Kingston' (an all live album from 2001, by the way) was Gananoque's Zero-Hour. Their song 'Helpless', to be specific. Raw, energized punk/rock. In case I missed saying this - I loved mixing things up on EOP.
MEMBERS: Tim Adams, Danny Gollogy, Melissa Wand and Willie Wright

Josh Mayo and/or Gentlemens Club: unsure which to properly credit the next 2010 tune played this show, which was 'All This Thinkin''. Both acts are mentioned on the 'Net as being the performer(s), so, I'll credit both. Staright up message in a catchy song. Another cool find - wish there were more I could present on this Belleville band!

In 1973, a Kingston studio band calling themselves Tranquility Base gathered to record a 45. With the purpose of promoting the city's tercentenary that same year, the single was called 'The Future and the Past'. That song came next in Ep 003. 'Quaint' may be a proper adjective. It certainly captures the thoughts of appreciation and pride felt by many at the time, with a simple soft-pop arrangement. See what I meant by 'We'll play (almost) anything'?

The Carnies, another act from the Kingston area, had their track '5 A.M.' on the 1998 various artist CD 'Longshot Live: Songs From the Limestone City'. The CD may be a little misleading - '5 A.M.' is a studio track, not a live recording. Nonetheless, a very cool tune - experimental, r'n'b-ish, hooky... very original, and quite applicable to an EOP show. Just had to spin it in this show.

From Inverary, Adam Knapp released his first album, 'Backroads' in 2010, and we played the title track from it next. A good mix of modern and trad country. Committed to his music, he's a local musician worth watching out for.

Klaatu is my gimmie for this episode. From Toronto, the tune we closed off this show with was 'True Life Hero', a 1975 single from them. Klaatu was probably best known for their 1976 hit 'Calling Occupants (Of Interplanetary Craft)', which was also a hit for none other than The Carpenters. Go figure. Good bands, both. Klaatu, though - klassic.

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