EP 002 aired on May 26th, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were Bentwood Rocker, Paul Fenton, Broken Walls, The Mystic Caravan, The Blue Diamonds, Nash the Slash, Cliff Edwards, Instant Rivalry, Rick Hodgson, Groundswell and Captain Kife. Special guest on the show was guitarist Vincent Ramsperger, and a BIG thanks goes out to him!

Bentwood Rocker, the long-running Belleville quintet, opened up this episode with their track 'Love Is All Around', the 3rd song off their debut 1980 LP, 'Not Taken'. Though not released as a single, that track shows their slightly poppier side, displaying their great harmonies and pop/rock talents perfectly. The band formed in 1977, morphing from The Sands of Time, who we played a track by in Ep 001 - 'I've Got a Feeling'. BR has since released 2 more albums, 'Take Me to Heaven' (1982) & 'Bentwood Rocker' (1996), plus the multi-disc anthology 'The Works' (2000). And they're still rockin'.
MEMBERS: Eric Baragar, Steve Smith, Mike Goettler, Dan Thompson, Tim Campbell and Barry Haggarty

Originally from the Nation's Capital, Paul Fenton has proven his talents time and time again beyond any doubt. With a VERY wide variety of influences, Paul's early successes included punk outfit The Action, Rolling Stones' tribute-band-turned-original-act The Blushing Brides and (not coincidently) The Fenton Brothers Band. It was his eventual return to his love of blues and slide guitar that has since garnered him great reviews and a solid career. His track 'Midnight Train' included this show (from his 2000 album 'Vancouver Blue') is just a small taste of his abilities. Certainly one of the countries best players.

A rarity in these times and in Eastern ONT, the Tyendinaga Territory band Broken Walls set out to do exactly what their name implies - 'breaking walls of separation'. Their tune this episode, 'Release the Warrior' off their 'The Father's Dance' album put out in 2008, succeeds in delivering that message. Basing their work on deep connections to Native American / First Nations Heritage of North America cultures, the band's show has been captivating audiences since 1995, topping up their original songs with storytelling and dance. Not an act to be ignored.
MEMBERS: Jonathan Maracle, Kris Delorenzi and Bill Pagaran

The Mystic Caravan, from Kingston, is one of the most original pop/rock/funk... practically indescribable bands from the region. They combine a wide variety of topics with their wide tastes in music. Refreshing, to say the least. Off their 2002 album, 'Urban Pleasures', we included their song 'S.U.V.' in this show. If there was ever an act from Eastern ONT that deserves much wider support and attention, it's The Mystic Caravan.
MEMBERS: Brad Smith, Shaun Weima, Rick Moniz, Scot Mulligan and Colin Bowe

To add a bit of spice to the playlist, I usually added a 'gimmie' in each episode - that's to say a release from an act with no official connection to Eastern ONT. This show has 1 and 1/2 gimmies, The Blue Diamonds' track 'Twenty-One Years in This Prison' being the '1/2'. From Toronto, the band released an album 1970 with a title explaining the 1/2: 'Live at Collins Bay Penitentiary'. Not really a live album, though, as the album cover specifies: the audience sounds were added to simulate a live LP. Must have been intended to capitalize on live albums recorded at prisons, popular around that time. Regardless, a prime example of 70's Canadian country music, and of the impressive 40+ albums that they recorded.
MEMBERS: Al Hooper, Roy MacCaull, Eddie Poirier, Doug Watters and Shane Dorey

Nash the Slash. One of Canada's (if not the world's) most original artists. From Toronto, Nash initially hit the music scene as a member of the progressive rock band FM in 1976. Soon after, his solo artist repertoire and show had come together - in a totally white-bandaged outfit, playing moody, pre-emo yet emo-influenced creations on an electrified violin, to drum machines and pre-recorded tapes of self-produced tracks. In the 1970s. WAY ahead of his time. In Ep 002, we played 'Dance After Curfew (Club Mix)', an alternate mix of the song from his 'And You Thought You Were Normal', the original version released in 1982, this club mix a bonus track from his 2002 CD re-issue. Shortly before this show aired, Nash, sadly, passed away. After 8 albums, 4 EPs and thousands of performances around the world spanning more than 30 years, Nash is dearly missed.

Long-time Gananoque resident Cliff Edwards has a smooth and silky way about his singing and storytelling. Born in Montréal, Cliff was a founding member of The Bells, one of the country's bigger successes in the late 60s and early 70s. In 1973, Cliff set off on his solo career, recording for the major label Polydor Records, moved west into the Kingston area (then eventually Gan), and is still performing and recording as an independant artist to this day. His track 'Hold Me' was included in this episode, which was part of his 1973 Polydor LP 'Transition'.

Instant Rivalry, from Picton, began in 2006 as a four-piece band, continuing on after the release of their self-titled 2009 album just as the sister-brother duo Meg & Caleb Hutton. We played their song 'The Highway' in this show from that debut CD. The band's sound was a refreshing mix of country and rock. Meg & Caleb can still be found out-and-about with their duo shows.
MEMBERS: Meg Hutton, Caleb Hutton, Adam Ungar and Brad Sallans

Rick Hodgson's music career took hold early on in his hometown of Brighton. Drawn to producing, Rick opened up a professional recording studio, working with many artists on a wide variety of projects, and eventually on his own folk/pop original material. Rick's talents are well represented on EOP by his track 'Legend of the Speedy', from his 2009 CD 'It's About Time...'. A singer-songwriter to be heard.

There once was a band in Norwood called Groundswell. They first got together in 1992. Working towards releasing an original album, the band finally managed to do so in 1995 with their CD 'Wave of Popular Feeling'. Off that CD, we played their song 'Stare'. By 1997, Groundswell was coming to an end, and three of the members decided to try again, this time calling themselves Three Days Grace.
MEMBERS: Phil Crowe, Adam Gontier, Joe Grant, Neil Sanderson and Brad Walst

Captain Kife - the band, not the person - came from the distant lands of Napanee. A group with great grooves and attitudes, they snuck out their self-titled EP in late 2009. Soon they were releasing tracks individually on the 'Net, and one of their 2012 tracks, 'Sometimes', we played on this episode. Unfortunately, by July 2013, the band had packed it in. So we are thankful once again for the longevity of artist's works posted on the 'Net. Great tune to close the show down with.
MEMBERS: Aaron Lavigueur, Dan Leeson, Tyler Perry, Weins, Andrew W, Andrew Kirby and Phil

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