Originally produced as the pilot, EP 001 aired on May 16th, 2014. The acts included in the show (in order of appearance) were Bryan Adams, Ken Harnden, The Manatees, Otis6pak, Otis Strange, Jamie Stever, Don Cochrane, The Sands of Time, Kelli Trottier, Mojo Shooter, Sawmill Road, Tanya Trombetta and Troy Thompson.

Bryan Adams needs no introduction. Being Kingston-born, though, might surprise some. What to play, what to play? So many hits. 'Hidin' From Love', the opening track and first single off his 1980 self-titled debut album seemed appropriate. As tempting as it was to play 'Let Me Take You Dancing' (yessss... disco Adams) from 1979, that gem inspired another maybe one-off show theme - more about that idea later. Mr. Adams, curiously, had made his recording debut back in 1977 as a member of Toronto's Sweeney Todd - at the age of 18.

Belleville's Ken Harnden was a rarity for Canadian country artists in the 80's - he was signed to BMG Records. Even rarer for an eastern ONT artist, a show like EOP had to include a track by him. While I could not find a copy of his single 'She Knows I Can't Say No', I happily included his tune 'It Won't Be Me and You' off BMG's 1992 V/A promo CD 'Songwriter Sessions Vol. 2'. A fine producer, performer and songwriter in his own right, Ken was also an early member of the Westport-based contemporary Christian band, The Proverbs.

The Manatees, from Napanee. Not sure if they are still together, but a very refreshing add to the show with their 2011 'Still Simple' song. That and their full EP '6 Tunes' can be heard at soundcloud.com. Very worth checking out.
MEMBERS: Sam Wood, Hannah Barstow and Jessica Murphy

If there might be a gimmie this first show (aka a track by an artist not from eastern ONT) it would be Otis6pak. I say 'might' because two members are from eastern ONT - Sharbot Lake and Eganville, to be precise. The band, though, was formed in Hamilton. A mix of blues, southern rock and more, their album 'Robeworthy'released in 2012 is simply one of the best debuts I have ever heard. And their song 'She Don't Say Nothin'' included in this episode should win anyone over. Here's hoping we hear more from Otis6pak!
MEMBERS: Sean O'Grady, Rodney Dalla Vicenza, Mary Ellen Allen, Darren Lachance, Neil Nickafor and Steve O'Connor

Otis Strange was not so strange. Very accessible, in fact, particularly if you were in their hometown of Ottawa in the 1990s. Their 1997 self-titled indie CD is well represented by the track we played in this show, 'Walk Alone'. Of all the acts we wish we could take you back in time to see, Otis Strange would be one of the first.
MEMBERS: Tim Schoorl, Nelson Hursti, Christian Duquette, Dave Matsukubo & Johnny O

From the Picton area, Jamie Stever is a multi-faceted artist. With his songwriting skills, his love of good country music, or his impressive Spanish guitar playing, Jamie is a talent worth watching. For Ep 001, we included his instrumental 'Night Life', the opening track from his 2007 CD, 'Spanish Solstice'. A high bar to set for future instrumentals on the show.

Don Cochrane, born and raised in Kingston, was one of the regions more successful singer-songwriters on the country scene back in the 1970s. With his warm folky delivery, Don stood out from the crowd, and still performs and records to this day. In this debut show we included the title track off his second LP, 'Sweet Clover', one of his bigger hits.

From Belleville, The Sands of Time have an interesting history. Here's the short version: formed in 1966, TSoT saw the release of one charted hit, 'I've Got a Feeling' (which we played this episode) in 1970. Soon gone their seperate ways, 4 of the members eventually got back together as the majority of Bentwood Rocker, the fifth BR member not being an original TSoT. That didn't seem to stop the original TSoT, though. They released one more single in 1986, and a full reunion album in 2001. 'I've Got a Feeling' is a great example of early 70's pop rock - dare you not to sing along.
MEMBERS: Michael Goettler, Tim Campbell, Dave Conley, Eric Baragar and Steve Smith

A triple threat of a artist, Kelli Trottier easily stands out as one of the regions bigger talents. Raised in rural eastern ONT and settling in Kingston, Kelli's vocal, fiddle and dancing skills, en masse, are unbeaten. As a solo artist or as a member of the world-reknowned band 'Bowfire', she's impressed them all. Including Sean Connery. Just saying. I was very pleased to include in this show the title track off her 2002 CD 'Daddy's Little Girl'.

Mojo Shooter. Remember that name. From Napanee, this trio kicks some serious 'Boogie \ Funk \ Rock \ Roots \ Punk \ Blues' (to totally cop from their Facebook pages). Great to hear some real and raw straight-up songs, such as 'Don't Trust Nobody', their tune in this show, from their 2009 EP 'Wasted and Worn Out'. Find them. Watch them. Listen. Rejoice.
MEMBERS: Matt Kells, Joey Lee and Alex Tikhnenko

Where does the western edge of east ONT lie? I'm sure it's beyond Northumberland County. That's where you can find Sawmill Road - the band, fer sure, maybe even the place. Let's stick with the band. Modernly talented country band with strong traditional styles, these guys stand out of the indie crowd. We were lucky to be tuned to their 2012 single 'It Ain't Right', and we had to share it with you. So be it. Welcome to the beginnings of being a Road Head (or is that 'Saw Head'?...).
MEMBERS: Duane Eddy, Rob Hood, Noel Savage and Shane Chapman

Gananoque's Tanya Trombetta was a sweet find for EOP. One complaint: not enough of her tracks are out there! I suppose that made it easier to choose her song 'Fault' for this show... still. More, please? 'Fault' was originally released on the V/A CD 'My Canadian Music, Vol. 1', in 2011.

A Marmora ONT native, Troy Thompson has a passion for music like few others. Writer and performer, he sings (sometimes screams) about what some of think but can't find our own voices to talk about. Hence the inclusion of his song 'Screaming Inside', from his 'Kismet Culprit' CD released in 2009. We like making you think before you go to bed.

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